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What makes Botonica tonic so special?

Most tonic water you buy is made with synthetic quinine. Quinine is the active ingredient in cinchona bark that was used by early colonisers to the new world as an anti-malarial. The flavour is bitter, and not to the taste of the palate of most. To counter this sugar was added, then gin and the cocktail we know was born. After World War II cinchona became scarce and synthetics replaced the natural ingredient. Tonic water became over-sweetened.

Botonica tonics are completely natural. They source the real bark from Guatemala and extract the alkaloids naturally.

Their tonic is preservative free. The rich amazing colours are natural and come from infused botanicals.

Botonica infuse perfectly balanced and paired botanicals to create unique flavours that stand on their own. Add some soda water and you can choose to skip the alcohol. This means everyone can drink the same beautiful cocktail.

Botonica have worked hard to minimise plastic packaging and work in a full circle sustainable approach. Your tonic comes as a syrup to allow you to choose your strength of flavour but also to the carbon footprint and packaging.

Experience has shown that everyone has one that just hits the spot for them.