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Artisans Bungalow - Candles

Artisans Bungalow create unique aromatherapy candles and bathroom products, made locally in small batches in Sydney.
All of Artisans Bungalow candles are hand poured using only premium sustainable soy wax and 100% pure essential oils.
Their bathroom products are all plant based, palm oil free, paraben free, SLES free and of course not tested on animals.
Natural luxury for your home and body.
Designed to relax and give a 'spa like' sense of tranquility, transporting you out of your everyday life into a luxury resort atmosphere.
Artisans Bungalow candles, with their Aromatherapeutic qualities will cleanse not only your spirit and mind but create a relaxing environment inside and outside your home.
Many of the essential oils used in Artisans Bungalows unique and exclusive blends are a natural repellant to insects.
Artisans Bungalow candles are 100% all natural and toxin free which means cleaner air for you and your family.