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Secrid Miniwallets

Secrid wallets are a Dutch innovation and are 100% made in the Netherlands. Secrid’s philosophy is to manufacture locally and to choose sustainable solutions. By combining traditional materials with modern techniques, Secrid was able to produce this new generation of wallets. With production in Holland, Secrid is proud to say “we are confident that all our processes are properly regulated in terms of quality, working conditions and protecting the environment.” Safety is at the heart of Secrid products. This generation of new wallets has been revolutionized to protect your money and privacy. Inside Secrid wallets, cards will no longer bend or break and most importantly, RFID cards like ID cards and the new generation of credit cards cannot be secretly activated or copied. There are four models to choose from and all are available in a variety of colours. Although safety is the aim, the designs are made to look & feel good. The Cardprotector model is a reddot design award winner 2010.